Our Current Status

Way North Studios is an independent game developer studio based in Giske, Norway. As of March 2014 we are working on our first game – The Tavern, which is developed in Unity. More detailed information about this (and any other games we’ll make in the future) can be found on the Games-page. For up-to-date news and updates, check out our Blog, or follow us on Twitter / Facebook.

Our Goals

Our goals are to develop fantastical and taletastic games with soul and character, while trying to remain independent in the process. We are determined to do our best to maintain an honest, open and committed relationship with our players.

Our History

The studio was co-founded in May 2013 by Geir Ove Alnes (formerly a game designer at Funcom for five years) and Are Blindheim (current Marketing Director at Byggmann Gruppen AS), and was the first(?) of its kind in the county of Møre og Romsdal, a county where the primary focus has traditionally been on maritime, petroleum and furniture-related industries.

Our People

Geir Ove Alnes

Co-Founder and Owner
Creative Director / Game Designer
Mail: geirove.alnes@waynorthstudios.com
Phone: +47 959 10 934

Are Blindheim

Co-Founder and Owner
Studio Manager / Game Designer
Mail: are.blindheim@waynorthstudios.com
Phone: +47 905 83 798